Galloway Real Estate is again sponsoring its LIGHT UP THE HOLIDAYS CONTEST. Judging will be done 21 or 22 December, depending upon the weather, and winners announced on the Galloway Real Estate Facebook page. To help you get “in the holiday spirit,” you may wish to take an evening drive and see the entries. The home entries are listed in an order for you to easily plan a route without back tracking


1453 County Road
427 County Rd
23 Fanny Mason Lane
704 River Road
11 High Street
80 High Street
125 Prospect Hill
768 Valley Road
4 Eaton Rd off Valley Road
26 Alstead Center Road
94 Sand Hill Road
192 Upper Walpole Road
94 Upper Walpole Road
4 Birch Street, North Walpole
3 Birch Street, North Walpole

Below, a 2019 entry on Main Street


Diamond Pizza
Mascoma Bank
Village Blooms

Enjoy your holiday drive. Judges have been selected by Galloway Real Estate, but if you have favorite, call the Galloway office — 756-3661 — and let them know which display you think is best. Your opinion counts, and could break any ties.

Happy Holidays, RAY BOAS, Publisher, The Walpole Clarion

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