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12 October Update


Following the Planning Board Public Hearing Tuesday, October 9, discussions continued with D&C Transportation’s attorney to complete an agreement to purchase from D&C the 10 acre parcel at the Gateway to Walpole, with 1,000 feet of frontage on the Connecticut River. That agreement was signed by all parties, October 12, and the Special Exception Request Public Hearing before the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), Wednesday, October 17, has been pulled. 

You do not need to attend the ZBA meeting. Everyone’s help, and words at the Planning Board Hearing were wonderful, and helpful in bringing this threat to a positive conclusion. But, your help is now needed to raise the funds to complete the purchase. Your check to assist may be made payable to “Walker Road Conservation” and dropped off at the Selectboard office at the Town Hall, or mailed to the Town of Walpole, PO Box 729, Walpole, NH 03608-0729. These funds are being kept separate from other Town funds. The Town of Walpole under New Hampshire RSA 31:19 I is authorized to accept donations “given for a public purpose,” and those donations are fully tax deductible in accordance with IRS Code, 26 U.S.C. paragraph 170(c)(1).

Additional information will be provided in the November issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION.

A big thank you to everyone in Town, your positive efforts made this outcome possible. And, thank you in advance for your tax-deductible contributions. Yours, Ray Boas, Publisher, THE WALPOLE CLARION

DEADLINE FOR November 2018 Issue
October 21, 2018

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The Walpole Common – 3 June 2017

Aerial Photo by RAY BOAS

Just about perfect – 29 December 2016


Click here for  images of leaves around town October 20, 2016 including a comparison with the image below

Looking at the Village from North Road – October 18, 2015


Photo by Ray Boas

WALPOLE FROM THE AIR — While living in Walpole, researching the opening chapter of his novel HAWAII, James Michener called Walpole “the quintessential New England Village.”


You may click on the image for a larger size.

I took this video 19 September 2013 from the top of Walpole’s Town Hall. Probably my favorite stereo views (seen in my book – AS IT WAS…AND STILL IS – WALPOLE, NEW HAMPSHIRE) were taken from the Town House Observatory in 1874/5. Looking at those images, and the video below, not much has changed except the trees

And, talking about “nothing has changed except the trees,” you may enjoy seeing the images around the Common in this blog post – ONLY THE TREES ARE DIFFERENT.

And, this was fun to see
SNOW ATOP MT. ASCUTNEY – October 23, 2016
click on image for full panorama



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