Article Submission Guidelines
February 6, 2016

Since October 2011, THE WALPOLE CLARION has been published as a service to the Walpole, New Hampshire community, which includes: Walpole, North Walpole, Drewsville, and Bellows Falls, Vermont. The CLARIONS’s mission is to provide a monthly vehicle to share items from the recent past or future.

Not intended to be a profit making venture, the space available in each issue comes from the support provided by our advertisers. Space; thus, is limited. Depending upon space available, priority will be given to news and press releases in the following order:

1] Official Town of Walpole news

2] Walpole Organizations and Residents: e.g. schools, churches, library, Hooper Institute, sports, WRAP, et. al.

3] Walpole Non-Profit organizations: news and events in town

4] Non-Profit organizations located outside Walpole — announcing an event or service in town benefiting the Walpole community in all or part

5] Press releases from area Commercial For-Profit entities which do not advertise goods or services

6] Non-Profit organizations located outside Walpole – event outside of the community, event not directly benefiting the Walpole community

7] Press releases from entities (either for-profit; or, non-profit) about an event or happening for which there is a charge for attendance, or goods or services, or advertising products or services in general terms — a prepaid fee for space utilized may be charged if space is available. Such insertions when paid will be noted: This is a “paid article; or, simply “advertisement.”

The CLARION welcomes all submissions, but reserves the right to edit for length – subject to space limitations. Approximately 350 words will fill a full column in the newsletter. Submissions may be emailed to