SNOW EMERGENCY — YOU CAN HELP — 17 December 2020

With over 12 inches of snow, and more falling, the Town plow trucks having a very hard time getting around. On behalf of the Highway Department, the Selectboard asks you stay off the roads, both driving and parking.

Here is the snow ordinance created in 2002 by the Selectboard.

Town of Walpole Parking Ordinance
2002-01: Under Section II, A, 1, d

No person, except a person operating an emergency vehicle, shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended,

(i)  at any place where and when parking has been prohibited during the winter season pursuant to a notice issued by the Board of Selectmen to facilitate snow plowing or snow or ice removal within the Town of Walpole, which notice has been published by order of the Board of Selectmen in a newspaper of general circulation and posted at the places where minutes of Selectman’s meetings are ordinarily posted (Prohibited Parking); or

(ii) for more than two hours during a major storm (which in the case of a snowstorm shall be a storm with a snowfall of six inches or more)(Prohibited Parking); and

in order to facilitate such snow plowing or snow or ice removal, any vehicle parked in violation of this paragraph (d) may be towed by wrecker at the owner’s expense and risk whenever the Road Agent or police authorities so determine.

Be smart, stay safe, and stay well – thank you, Ray Boas, Publisher

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