This page was begun at 10PM on 2 May 2020, and I need your help. The invasion continues, and continues to bring hopes and smiles to residents from one end of town to the other. South to North, and East to West.

It occurred to me. Many people have said they have been “flocked”. “Why not set up a page on the CLARION website, and share everyone’s pink visitors,” Ray said to Ray. So, I am asking, no pleading, that you share your Flamingo images, and I will begin sharing them with the world on-line.

Take a nice shot, and email it to me at rayboas@comcast.net  — I am sure there are many out there, lets capture (in picture) as many as we can to share with the world. I look forward to receiving your precious pink portraits soon. Thank you, and stay safe, yours, RAY

Just spotted, 12 May, by Helen W. — a first — “These two not only showed up in our front yard at 26 Old Drewsville Road, but they’ve built a nest and laid some eggs! Who knew flamingo eggs were purple and silver??”
What will we see next?

Good morning, 12 May. Or is it seeing this? Now it is just not bears we have to worry about. Spotted, and caught in the act by Joey A., she found this pair, “Raiding the feeders in High Street.” I wonder if they realize they are not that kind of bird?

On 13 May I received an email from Jana S. with two more images of the “seed thieves” above. She said, “These are the 2 flamingos that we found on our lawn on Sunday!  Note – the bird feeder is not ours.  It was part of the flamingo installation.” – So whoever is creative flying birds to new locations is adding great props also – THANK YOU

Now, 10 May, it has been a tad over a week since I began the documentation of the Flamingo invasion here. Like you, I have gotten very itchy sitting home, so this afternoon, armed with two cameras, I headed off to see what I could find. The goal – bring you one hundred (yes, 100) documented sightings of Walpole’s “Invasive Species.” In an hour, I achieved that goal. But, there must be more, so submit your findings for inclusion here.

Here is today’s first gallery, and left to right, top to bottom: High Street (with a rogue in the center); Good Circle; Old North Main; Fire House Road; Homestead Avenue; A pair waiting to be hit on Main Street; Dearborn Circle; and, Reservoir Road (but this pair may have moved for more sun or better feed). What was unusual today was to observe some “single birds.” Usually they flock in pairs. AND, please remember you may click any image for a larger, almost full screen view.

This little fella, (sex not determined), I think is unique and special. And, anyone who knows me knows I like texture and framing in my images. Love this one on Reservoir Road.

Some places did not have our pesky pink friends. Could this guy be one of the reasons?

Then up to Kingsbury Road I found three more Flamingos. But the first pair was far apart (must have been fighting in the garden) to make a good image to share.




And, then, back down Country Road to the village where I found this solitary sentinel guarding this driveway. So, help, who else can you find, document, and send me the image and location to share. Enjoy, thank you, RAY



Well, with today’s snow up in the high elevations in Walpole, Kevin H. found this cold pair, and sent me this image this evening saying, “I hope you like the picture it was taken up on Barnett Hill this morning.” Yes, I do, and trust everyone else will feel for this cold pair on 9 May. (and do click for full screen)

It snowed in high elevations here on Saturday 9 May. This just in from Marilyn W., who said, “A whole family invaded our garden looking for respite from snow.  And the middle young one is pregnant! From Stevens Ln, top of Watkins Hill.”

7 MAY update – I do trust you are checking here daily along with hundreds of others.

Eric M. “captured” (in camera) this family on Colonial Drive

and, below left, Pamela S. shared this “anemic pair” — and to the right, Caroline A. claims that her Oliver and Danny “were some of the first flamingos to arrive in Walpole,  over on Maplewood Circle.” Are your images next?


“A nice lady found me. I was in a store, alone and afraid. She whispered to me, ‘I know someone who would love to adopt you.’ So now I am comfortable and not afraid, but my new Daddy wants the perfect name. I understand he likes alliteration. Can you help?” PS – you can click and see a bigger, prettier image of me. PPS – I am a girl.

The lady who rescued me just called my Daddy and said, “how about Philomena Flamingo.” I like it, it fits me. What do you think?


A bonus for you (6 May). Every evening Paul Looney and Chuck Shaw have been taking turns ringing the Congregational Bells, on the Common, for one minute at 7PM in recognition, appreciation, and sincere thanks for all of our First Responders during these challenging times. Click on the church (right) or on the link below for a video provided by Sheila L.



A sixty minute documentation cruise in BLUE BELLE, with top down of course, to bring you “more pink” on 5 May

The Fountain Focal Point

Could it be a group of students behind this all?

Walpole Middle School

and around on school grounds (remember, all images may be clicked for a larger size)

a gallery around the village, and you can click and open for almost full screen images:

FLAMINGOS IN LOVE ON NORTH ROAD – photo by Eric Merklein

Arriving Tuesday, 5 May on Reservoir Road (for the view)

9:50 PM – Monday 4 May – it cannot get much better! — This just came in via Facebook to me from Allegra Bisson “My husband and I announced that we were having a baby boy on Saturday. These appeared in our yard when we looked outside Sunday morning! Put a smile on our face.”

Congratulations from us all – and remember, click on the image for a larger view.



And, now, going “multi-media,”
Joey A. has provided us with
Bobbing in the wind on North Road
Click on this link for the feature video

(it may open automatically, or you will have to open for this eight second feature film)

You may even click and enlarge the loving pair to the left



UPDATE – Monday 4 May – It is bad enough having to deal with this “pink virus”, but now there seems to be a mutation. The below image just came in, with this note (Subject line – Celebrating diversity: Flamingos are not just pink!) from Cheri W, “Ray, flamingos come in many different colors, depending of course on what they were acquired to represent.  This photo of our yard up on Watkins Hill proudly displays the green and gold flamingoes of the legendary Green Bay Packers straight from Lambeau Field.”

On Sunday evening, 3 May, Kerri provided an image of the pair (left below) that visited her saying, “Here they are- they moved on last night!” The next email I received with an image (on the right) was from Susan H. who proclaimed, “They just showed up !!!”

As this beautiful Sunday, 3 May, continues, more reports are “flying in.” Peggy just provided her invasion in the village.

and found two additional pairs around the corner on Main Street.

Sightings are rapidly being reported. Bill R. sent these images saying, “Ran across these aliens on School Street.”

This pair was reported to the CLARION at 8:05 AM on Sunday, 3 May. Eric and Ting shared, saying, “This nice looking pair showed up at 95 Blackjack Crossing. Kudos to whoever is successfully taking our minds off everything else going on.”

Here is the image I took on 2 May that prompted this page to share with everyone. This pair now resides at Walpole Valley Farms enjoying the pond.

and, immediately responding to “my plea” just after this page was created was Michael Nerrie saying, “We have two pink visitors feeding in the shallow water on the bog walk at Distant Hill Nature Trail on March Hill Road. ”


And, a few of the pesky pink pests featured in the May issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION (and remember, you may click on any for an almost full screen view).


Could it have been this story on page 10 of the April issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION that attracted the massive and intrusive invasion? We may never know.

Invasive Species?
Flamingos Spotted in Walpole

You may enjoy this follow-up report from 7 April (click to read)