I just returned from the printer and the post offices, and your March CLARION should be delivered to Walpole, North Walpole, and Drewsville postal recipients hopefully tomorrow, February 28th. Another 20 page paper with much to read about what you will see on the ballots Tuesday March 14, and coming at Town Meeting on Saturday March 18. But, now it is on-line for you to begin reading.

I continue to get nice compliments when I see friends, neighbors, and even strangers when they find out I am the publisher of “your local paper.” It even happened at an event yesterday in Dummerston. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, but bringing you the CLARION is simply something I should do for the community. But also too, making your community publication possible are the advertisers, so thank them as well. Tell them you saw their ads, and maybe even give them some business.

 So just click on this link, or the cover below to see the March issue. Yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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