Twenty Years Ago – Labor Day Weekend 2002 – Walpole celebrated its 250th Anniversary with a gala four day party concluding with a sensational sit-down dinner celebration for 800 people under a tent on the Common. Memories of that weekend abound.

In the September CLARION, for our 270th Anniversary, I wish to share that event with images and memories. Particularly I would like to have a program of all the events to scan and share, any other handouts you may have saved, and maybe a special photograph or two. If you would like to share a memory or two in a few sentences, please send that along to me as well. Any programs, ephemera or photos you wish to share will be returned once scanned.

If you can help with any of the above, please contact me by Thursday, August 18. Thank you.

RAY BOAS, Publisher
603 756-4545

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