The CLARION’s printer was a tad ahead this month, thus you will receive you hard copy of the CLARION a tad sooner, and I have also posted it now, also a tad sooner.

Please note that as this issue was on the presses, it was necessary for the Town to change the date for the budget hearing as seen on page one of printed February issue — the new date is February 9 as seen on the on-line version. The annual budget hearing is part of the annual Town Meeting process, and you should plan to attend. Full ZOOM details will be posted on the Town website. Also, please note – Where you see February 10 also on page 2, it should be February 9; and Voting Day is Tuesday, March 8, not Tuesday the 9th (that was another year)

To read on-line, click this link, or on Page One below

Stay safe and stay well – the best way is to have your shots, booster shot, and still maintain distance when in large groups. Read the story on page 18 that Walpole’s Health Officer wanted the CLARION to share – RAY BOAS, Publisher

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