Just waiting to pickup the hardcopies at the printer to deliver to the post offices, but thought I would get January 2022 on-line now for your reading pleasure. COVID surge is back. We need to take care of ourselves. For a better understanding of how science and vaccines are effective, for a comparison to what we humans experience, I encourage you to read BOVINE IMMUNITY – it puts it all into perspective.

So, Click on the link – or the image below

Get your shots – science works – and stay safe and well. Happy New Year, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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1 Response to JANUARY 2022 CLARION — NOW ON-LINE

  1. Elizabeth Colley says:

    Thank you Ray for the January 2022 Clarion! In answer to Jan Kobeski’s question on page 11 (“Can anyone confirm sighting of Bald Eagle?”), I offer the following overhead shot taken from our kitchen window on 12/19/21:

    And, this morning in the wee hours, THREE!!!! Great Horned Owls conversed in our side yard. (Alas, no camera or recording capability at 2:38 in the A.M. ;-/ ) We find such sights and sounds of wildness reassuring to the soul.

    Happy New Year! B&J


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