Scary, but time to start work on the October issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION — the deadline for the issue is a tad over a week away, Wednesday, September 22. I am also scared because at this point I am not aware of any news or stories to share with you, other than just a couple I already have. But this happens at the end of the summer, and the beginning of the school year, when people are focused on that seasonal shift. But too, the resurgence of COVID concerns I am sure are playing a part in no activities being scheduled to report here.

But, if you have an event, happening, or article to share with the community get it to me soonest. Even with a deadline date, the sooner the better (as most contributors know and help). We start work on the layout as inputs arrive, and that way shortly after closing date the files go to the printer so you will have the fresh issue in your hands by the first of the month.

If you have any questions, or wish to advertise, please contact me. Thank you, stay safe, yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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