The August 10 Planning Board meeting began with new presentations by the applicants on the advantages of a massive six acre solar array on Route 12, adjoining the shopping plaza. In reply, the Planning Board explained that in its continuing research, with 85% of the power going off site, that this installation is “industrial strength” and thus the proposal must first go to the Zoning Board to request a special exception for industrial use in a commercially zoned district.

As of this writing, the solar applicant is not on the Zoning Board (ZBA) agenda for this Wednesday, August 18, to request a hearing in September.  The ZBA chair has advised the CLARION, “… they may still show up to discuss a special exception.  Anyone may come to the meeting whether they are on the agenda or not… .”  You may wish to attend the meeting on August 18 to find out what happens.

Next discussed was the continuing Dunkin Donut site plan hearing. Board members expressed traffic concerns in this “high crash area” of Route 12. Dunkin has moved their proposed entrance further south, closer to the intersection with Upper Walpole Road, and the crest of the rise while traveling north. The rise for south bound traffic just before the plaza entrance already has most drivers exiting here concerned. 

Board chair Miller stated he was “apprehensive to moving forward … making a bad situation worse.” Selectboard representative Dalessio stated he appreciated the work done by Dunkin, but this is not a safe area. Board member Dennis Marcom then moved that the site plan be approved contingent upon NH Department of Transportation final comments and approval. With no majority vote for or against, the motion failed, thus the proposed site plan failed.

The CLARION will continue to provide updates to its readers both on-line and in print.

RAY BOAS, Publisher

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