NO MORE FOOLING — You know your writing is good when you write about something for April Fool’s and people take you seriously. Last week the printer “stopped the presses” and called me saying I had foreign words in my files they thought were a mistake. They laughed when I said the Spanish, Latin, mixed with Greek was April Fools Day fun.

I have learned that other stories, specifically the seven-cents user light fee, were not well received. I have gotten calls with people laughing at the cleverness, but – the phone calls have been mixed, some were not happy with the fun.

My apologies to all — the CLARION is serious endeavor, and I believe I will no longer have any silly stories in future April issues. Thank you for your understanding, and again my apologies, yours, RAY

I have received a few nice Facebook comments. No “negatives” as yet, but in fairness I will share those also. Here they are:

— On March 31 — I laughed! You gave so many clues in the article that it was a joke. LOL. The picture with the article was the topper. LOL. You did fool me at first when I thought I had to look up the April 2015 edition for information. LOL.

— More March 31 — You got me with the Arch bridge tolls! Although it did sound bizarre and I did wonder if you really knew what you were talking about. When I told hubby about it he did not believe it for one minute! Hahahaha!

— Still more March 31 — My favorite was the hotel by the vet and then the Jumbotron on the Common!!!🤣 — thank you, RAY

— Please don’t stop. I’ve lived in Walpole for 3 Aprils and you’ve gotten me every time! But it’s fun!

— No apology necessary!😂

and, this email just in from a dedicated and faithful reader:
Good evening Ray.I set up my account with DOT. The guy asked for 3 credit card numbers but I only have 2 so he made an exception for me so I gave him all the numbers. Don’t want to get in trouble with the government. Great article giving a heads up to all of us uninformed people.

and, a second note from this “true fan,” – Hi Ray, it took me about half way through your masterpiece before I got the message. How many places on earth can share a chuckle during these crazy times. Keep up the good work. … I hope your computer is blowing up from frantic Walpoleans.

March 31 — I have a true fan who just emailed again saying, “Good evening Ray. You have made my day, thank you. I am still laughing inside as I read, again, your masterpiece. This kind of stuff brings me out of my conservative shell and it feels good. You should think about becoming a fiction author. See you around town now that I need not to worry about the Government coming after me. Good evening…”


Comment on the Hubbard Press Release — Is this an April fools joke also? — and my reply — No it is not – a serious reply to those concerned. Will have to address how I may handle in the future the April stories. This press release came in after the April issue was mailed.

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2 Responses to APOLOGIES from the PUBLISHER – NO MORE FOOLING, Probably

  1. Jill says:

    Thank you, Ray. Fake news is not as amusing as it used to be.

  2. Joanne Gay says:

    Now you know North Walpole people read the Clarion from cover to cover, but don’t mess with them.

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