A LOOMING PROBLEM — YOUR ZOOM PRESENCE IS URGED at the Selectboard Meeting Thursday Evening – March 25, 2021 

At Walpole’s Selectboard meeting, Thursday, March 25 at 6:30 PM, a proposal made by Walpole’s Road Agent to widen Elm Street along the Common by eight feet and remove trees forever will be challenged. The Road Agent works for, and is supposed to take direction from, your Selectboard. Everyone works for you, as a resident of Walpole.

You are urged to attend the Zoom meeting and express your opinion. In the past when I have wished to attend Town Zoom meetings, I have asked the Selectboard office to send me an invite. In fact, the Selectboard specifically sent me an email inviting me to attend last week. In my original writing of this email, I wrote “To get a Zoom invite to the Selectboard meeting on March 25, email Sarah at the Town Hall –sdowning@walpolenh.us – and ask her to send you an invite with the link. The office phone number is 603 756-3672. On late Thursday a link to the meeting should also be posted on the Town Website –https://www.walpolenh.us

Because of the interest in this looming detrimental problem and interest in attending this meeting, Ms. Downing, just before 4 PM today, asked the Walpolean to post, “For members of the public that wish to attend Selectboard Meetings, the Zoom Meeting link and call-in information is posted on Thursdays  at 2 PM or later on the Town of Walpole website:  www.walpolenh.us under the Town News page. The agenda is also posted with meeting access information. If the public has access or connectivity issues, they are to call the Selectboard Office for assistance at 603-756-3672.” In my experience the links to the meetings are not posted in a timely manner.

I invite you to look at the stakes planted by the Road Agent on the west side of Elm Street just hours ago, today, Wednesday 24 March. Abutters to this project have yet to have any official notification of this project. Walpole residents are yet to have any knowledge to the desecration of the Town Common area. Mr Rau, in talking to a neighbor hours ago, stated his plans are to expand Washington Street next year.

No matter what means you use, get the link, attend the selectboard meeting, and comment. If you wish to email a Selectboard member, email me for individual email addresses.     The Road Agent, and our Town officials I anticipate will not like my words here. Please show your concern.

Thank you, RAY

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2 Responses to A LOOMING PROBLEM — YOUR ZOOM PRESENCE IS URGED at the Selectboard Meeting Thursday Evening – March 25, 2021 

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  2. Peter Palmiotto says:

    Hi Ray, Thank you for your post. Yes, Sarah email me back when I made the request for the zoom invite and said go to the web site for the zoom link as you noted.

    It is discouraging to see the stakes and surveyors, ie., the spending of town dollars before any notice or consultation with abutters or any tax payer. Community involvement and discussion is paramount to maintaining a healthy community especially when it involves changes to common, well used spaces. See you at the meeting. thank you.

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