COVID by the Numbers—November 21 Edition

The number of COVID-19 cases in the state is exploding. 

At the end of last week, Walpole had 0 active cases of COVID-19, and had only 2 cases, total, since the start of the pandemic. 

Today there are 7 active cases here in Walpole.

In the past week, there were 72 new cases in Cheshire County, up from 35 new cases in the first week of November, and 48 new cases the second week.  As of today, here are the numbers of active confirmed cases in each town:  Keene-43; Rindge-33; Jaffrey-15; Chesterfield-10; Swanzey-9; Walpole-7; Dublin-6; Fitzwilliam-5.   Nine towns have 1-4 active cases:  Westmoreland, Hinsdale, Winchester, Richmond, Troy, Marlborough, Nelson, Sullivan, and Gilsum.  Currently, six towns have active cases:  Alstead, Marlow, Surry, Stoddard, Harrisville, and Roxbury.

The 7 day moving average of cases per 100,000 in Cheshire County has gone from 3.0 at the beginning of the month to 18.0 as of November 19.

Statewide last week the total number of new confirmed cases was 2088, for an average of 298 new cases a day.  This week, there were 2994 new cases, and the daily average jumped to 428 per day.  There were 529 new cases on the 19th alone.

Hospitalizations, which were at 38 at the beginning of the month, have ballooned to116.

The statewide 7 day moving average of cases per 100,000 is at 41.0, up from 4.5 on November 1.  New Hampshire has gone from having the 3rd or even 2nd lowest rate per 100,000 in the United States to being 31st out of 51.

Massachusetts and Vermont are open to NH residents only for essential travel, which includes travel for work. Currently we are still allowed to travel to Maine for leisure travel without quarantining, but that won’t last long, as Maine’s 7 day moving average of cases per 100,000 is even lower than Vermont’s at 14.1.

Nationally, the 7 day moving average of cases per 100,000 has doubled from 24 to 50 since November 1.  At 41.0, we are not far below the national average.

The seriousness of the situation has led the Governor to issue a mask mandate when indoors or withing six feet of others outdoors, though our mandate is still weaker than those of surrounding states.  It has significant loopholes, and no penalties.  We have also been advised not to gather with family or friends outside our immediate households this Thanksgiving.

None of this is good news.  And it is likely to get significantly worse before it gets get better.

Wear your mask.  And if you breathe with that nose, wear your mask over your nose.

Keep your distance—a full six feet.  Measure it out again; it’s still further than you think.

Wash your hands.

Be incredibly careful if you meet with friends and loved ones who are not members of your household.

And keep well.

~ Representative Lucy Weber lwmcv@comcast.net 603-499-0282.

Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber
217 Old Keene Road
Walpole  NH  03608Cell: 603-499-0282

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