UPS GARY – A TEARFUL GOODBYE – 30 September 2020

Today was the day – UPS Gary has retired. For 35 years, an integral part of the Walpole community, over 100 masked and distanced citizens – from youngsters less than five, and one Walpole legend who is now 90, gathered to say good-bye and wish Gary and his wife farewell.

The storm came early to town, disrupting power for over eight hours, and also the Comcast internet link, but fortunately the storm came early so the tearful, sad crowd could assemble and stay dry. Gary’s truck pulled in at 4:43 PM at his last stop – Burdick’s Chocolate factory.

and he was overwhelmed

heading near the loading dock, those who Gary has cheerfully helped for over three decades surrounded him.

Selectboard Chair, Peggy Pschirrer, made a few remarks and passed to Gary a bag full of cards and gifts while Gary’s wife and UPS supervisors stood by.

Between tears, Gary said a few words. He told us that when he started in Walpole he knew he wanted to stay on this route. He was successful in his bids for our route, and with seniority his bids were always successful.  We will miss you Gary, wish the best ahead visiting family in Maine, and always wish you well – LOVE – Your Friends and Family in the TOWN OF WALPOLE.

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4 Responses to UPS GARY – A TEARFUL GOODBYE – 30 September 2020

  1. Lil says:

    Nicely reported, Ray. Thanks so much!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Kevin Fay says:

    Best wishes on your retirement, Gary!

  3. Paul Levesque says:

    Congratulations Gary…… your Aunt and I are proud of you…… you have always been an amazing nephew and is well showed by the outpouring of well wishes who came to Thank
    You and wish you well……

  4. Barbara Pelletier says:

    Congratulations Gary. Take time to enjoy life and your family. Hope you have many more good years. Ray and Barb Pelletier

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