GOOD-BYE UPS GARY – 30 September 2020

Our beloved UPS Driver – Gary Levesque – is retiring after 35 years of serving our community on Wednesday, September 30th.  We need to get together to show Gary how much we appreciate him. 

Burdick’s Factory is very willing to have people gather to say goodbye to Gary on Wednesday.  He normally stops there, his final pickup, between 4:30 and 5:00 – so we should all be there by 4:30.  They ask that we park in the back of their building, so we don’t block the employees who will be going home around that time.  Or we can park across the street in EE Houghton’s parking lot. It’s been suggested that everyone bring cards for Gary so he has something to remember us all by.  Burdick’s is giving him a gift.  Nice.  

Can everyone tell their friends about this goodbye gathering?  It would be great to get a nice turnout for him – he deserves it. 

And make some signs to hold, too!  And balloons!  Let’s make it a grand send off.

And remember, it’s a secret – don’t tell Gary!!         ———     Tara Sad

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