Your August, twenty-four page issue of the CLARION, is now on-line. With COVID-19, events continue to be cancelled, nor scheduled, thus no new or past events to report to you. However, in recent issues, I have been pleased to bring to the CLARION’s pages a number of feature articles/pieces to inform and entertain you. June and July had each twenty pages of “good reading,” and the August issue brings you twenty-four pages of even more. You have the CLARION’s advertisers to thank for bringing you the CLARION, so please extend your thanks when you see them, or need them.


Please share this post and issue with friends, neighbors, and out of town family and friends. THE WALPOLE CLARION is also on Facebook, with updates occasionally posted, so “Like Us” there. And, I encourage all to sign up on the CLARION website to receive these post updates. In addition, I encourage you to visit The and sign up there also for emails with area information, almost on a daily basis.

I feel we are in this situation for longer than we anticipated a few months back. It is up to everyone to affect change. Wear your mask, stay home or keep a “social distance” and be, and stay well, yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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2 Responses to AUGUST 2020 CLARION NOW ON-LINE

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  2. Tom Murray says:

    The Gateway has our blessings for openness and beauty. Walpole ( and it’s supporter’s) did well by harboring this parcel of land. We will see this property for only so long. Because it has such immediate exposure to the community and it’s proximity to route 12 , it should be a scene (i.e. landscape) but we won’t be able to if we don’t keep it clean. This will be a labor of love for all our tidy preservationalists. The nature of greenery is to go wild and some of it is in serious choking over growth. This land should not be left to ” the way it was”. It’s like everything else in life , it requires maintenance. This editorial is only for factorial awerenss and the proper treatment of a space that requires a lot of attention.

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