Walpole Fire-EMS Best in State


Justin Romanello, Bureau Chief, State of New Hampshire Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), spoke to assembled Walpole Fire and EMS personnel, November 14, at the Walpole Fire Station. On September 30, the Walpole Fire-EMS was presented the EMS Unit of the Year award for 2019 at The Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. The award has been presented annually since 1998.

Before starting his detailed “State of the State” presentation on EMS services, Romanello praised those assembled, saying their dedication and level of readiness “should be a model for all of New Hampshire.” There are 307 agencies within the state that can be considered for this award. Nominations are considered from any “licensed EMS Unit which has documented a significant positive impact in their community.”

Prior to the start of the evening, Chief Mark Houghton toured me through the Walpole Fire Station explaining the wide variety of equipment and emergency rescue work Walpole’s EMS and fire personnel are trained to provide. Overwhelmed with what our dedicated silent heroes can do, Mark promised to work with me this coming year with a series of articles covering what services Walpole Fire-EMS are ready to perform.

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