PLANNING BOARD MEETING – Tuesday, August 10, 7PM

Continued for months now, the Dunkin and Solar Array saga continues at the Town Hall, Tuesday, August 10th at 7 PM. The CLARION recognizes that the world is in peril with Global Warming, with the green house effect, and “clean energy” sources must be developed. BUT, there are right and wrong sites for Solar installations, most well hidden from high traffic vistas. Six acres of solar panels on the old ball field between Route 12 and Upper Walpole Road is not the right site in many people’s minds.

Below is copied from the agenda recently posted for August 10. Attend and be heard.

Dunkin Site Plan: Public Hearing continued from June: Site Plan. Tax Map 12, Lot 56, Commercial District. Proposals for building 2,280 square-foot Dunkin’ drive-thru plus 3,600 square-foot retail space; plus construct 4,729 square-foot retail space. Agent is TF Moran Inc. Presenter Jason Hill.  Applicant is NGP Management LLC, North Reading MA. Jim Clifford.

Request from Mr. Clifford to postpone this meeting until August.

Site Plan. Hearing continued from July meeting. Installation of 1 mega watt solar array on 5-plus acres, Tax Map 12, Lot 56, Commercial District. Ned Raynolds and Steve Dzubak of Revision Energy.  Applicant NGP Management LLC, North Reading MA. Jim Clifford. 

Ray Boas, Publisher

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