The August issue of the CLARION now on-line, and should be in the mail by the end of Monday, 29 July, to all residents of Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville. By clicking on the link below you can take a look, and also share with out of town friends by providing them the link. 


The issue starts off, What’s Happening – An Editorial. I hope everyone takes take to read through, and takes heed of the action I recommend. Sadly, very few residents watch what is going on in Town, attend meetings, and speak up. That did happen the last year, and the threat of a gas station was stopped. But at a recent Planning Board meeting when there were, lets say a contentious dialogue between a local developer and the board, sadly I and only one other non-participant for the meeting were in attendance. I later, for the record, presented my dismay with the meeting at the 11 July Select Board meeting, which you can read on on

Please get involved with Town affairs.

Deadline for the September 2019 issue is Friday, 23 August. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you, yours, RAY, Publisher

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2 Responses to AUGUST 2019 CLARION – NOW ON-LINE

  1. Jack Franks says:

    Hey Ray,

    For the record, I did exactly what I said I would do regarding the Planning Board. I respectfully disagree with Jeff Miller’s assertion that I didn’t, nor do I agree with the assertion that the buyer needed a new site plan review and building permit as previously mentioned by them. You may want to research the law with regard to property and permits before you continue down that rabbit hole.

    The property was sold on June 21st and I attended the Planning Board meeting on July 9th, the very next possible time to go and explain the property had transferred. I was under an NDA prior to the 21st and was not allowed to discuss publicly.

    Although your article states that I didn’t do what I said I would do, Steve Dalessio agreed that I came in as I said I would. I hope you realize that it was out of respect for the process and consideration that I did, certainly not because I had to.

    I hope you also understand that this is commercial land and is designed for commercial development. When a developer seeks permits to construct a building, he/she is not there for a “site tenant review”, they are there for a building and site plan review. It would be illegal for any township or municipality to discriminate against a particular store based solely on its preference.

    I realize you don’t see any value in “another dollar store” nor would you most likely see value in anything else being built in Walpole, like the affordable housing you also railed against. It’s private land Ray that is owned by my company. It’s in a commercial zone that was placed by town fathers in the 1960’s specially for commercial development. I’m not sure what you and others don’t understand.

    I have 7.35 acres left there and would gleefully entertain the right offer to preserve if you and your associates were willing to do so. I have spent years and millions of dollars to bring good homes and a solid tax base and now jobs to our region.

    We will most likely never agree on the this and that’s ok. Facts and accurate information to the public do matter. I will not be apart or tolerate slanted and biased disinformation nor will I sit back idly while it happens.

    Kind Regards,

    Jack Franks Avanru Development Group Ltd. 877.410.5499 Ext. 1 802.249.2900 Mobile

    “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” – Orison Swett Marden


  2. Ray Boas says:

    Thank you, Jack, for your note, and the comment to the CLARION website which I approved for posting. No criticism intended, just sharing my perspectives on trends in town. I do hope the right mix of commercial establishments in time comes to town, but I personally do not see Walpole as a “retail center”.

    I do not recall my rallying against “affordable housing.” I was not involved with the condo proposal (pro or con) off Westminster Street, and hopefully you recall our visit and tour of Abenaki Springs which I then wrote about in a positive way.

    My intent is to get people involved with town business. As you well know, seldom do people show up to listen in on meetings and public hearings and share their opinions. Also too, noting that the people who proposed that condo project years ago invited the public to share their views, I think it would be wonderful if you would do something similar – see what people would like to see. An idea may come up that has not been thought of before.

    If you wish I publish next month your comments in the September CLARION, just let me know, and I will. Again, no offense intended, my comments were editorial to stimulate much need conversation in town. Conversation and attendance at meetings which hopefully you agree is also needed, yours, RAY


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