April’s twenty-four pages are now on-line. By clicking on the link below you can take a look, and also share with out of town friends by providing them the link. You will note two color pictures. The plan is to begin including as much color as possible in the on-line edition. Thus, a good reason to “sign-up” to get notices from the CLARION, which include when the new issue is posted.


Another issue with a wide variety of events, both past and upcoming, so do read in detail. Also, another “issue” garnering attention is becoming the handling of commercial solar installations. I encourage you again, to attend meetings in town, and get involved and voice your opinions.

Remember when you do contact one of the advertisers, please mention you saw their CLARION advertisement.  Ad sizes have been adjusted slightly to provide a more pleasing overall look to each page. And, two new sizes have been added – SMALL-PLUS, and 3 column horizontal HALF-PAGE. Full details will soon (by early April) be on the CLARION WEBSITE on the menu tab Advertising Information and Rates.

Deadline for the May 2019 issue is Friday, 19 April – a tad early before the Easter weekend. Thank you, yours, RAY, Publisher

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