I have just received the agenda for the Planning Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 10, and it is below. On the agenda is the Public Hearing for an exception to use Rural/Agricultural land for commercial use for the Great River Co-Op’s store.

Also, there will be a request for a Public Hearing for the building of a convenience store and gas station on Rural/Agricultural land at the southern entrance to Walpole village at the intersection of South Street and Route 12.

At a Public Hearing there is time allotted for public comment and input from the floor. I am awaiting confirmation if anything may be said by the public when there is request for a Public Hearing at a future date.

I encourage you to share this post and the agenda below. And, encourage your friends to sign up on THE WALPOLE CLARION website to receive updates on these important issues facing our community. Thank you, yours, RAY, Publisher


Tuesday,  April 10, 2018 – 7 PM

Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes – Review minutes of the March 2018 meeting.

Old Business:

Public Hearing # 1: One lot into 2-lots: Road. James and Margaret Charbonneau, 170 Kingsbury Rd. Map 8, Lot 120 – 1 divided into two lots. Lot 120-1 is 5.92 acres, 359 feet frontage; Lot 120-3 is 5.06 acres, 202 feet frontage, for single-family residence. Rural/ag district. Lot 120-3 will come out of current use. David Edkins representing Charbonneaus.

Public Hearing #2: Recommendation to the ZBA for a Special Exception:

Great River Consumer Cooperative Society wants to covert a chicken coop, previously used by Hubbard, on Bensonwood property for a store for the Co-op. Request for a Special Exception 835-6488, Map 12 Lot 4-2. Also, parking lot on Map 12, 4-3. Land owned by Bensonwood. Both lots in Rural/ag district. Kim Mastriani – president of Walpole Co-op will represent the group

New Business:

Request for a Public Hearing for a recommendation to the ZBA for a Special Exception: D&C Transportation, Orleans, Vt. Map 10, Lot 2, Rural/ag district.  Proposed use: Filling station and convenience store with a Drive Thru

Vilas Bridge: Representative from Bellows Falls to discuss Vilas Bridge.

Discussion: How to make Complete Streets part of the Site Plan Review and/or checklist.


Criteria for Special Exceptions

Drawings submitted by Co-op

Next regular meeting Tuesday, May 8, 2018

cc: PB, ZBA,  Selectboard, Town Offices, Walpolean.

Minutes posted: Town Hall lobby, bulletin board outside Walpole Grocery, Walpolean, Town website walpolenh.us.

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